Colonel Steve Seroka, USAF (ret)

April 10, 2018 - 19:00

Steve SEROKA was a highly-decorated 30-year Active Duty USAF Fighter Pilot, Strategist, Commander. More recently, he has served as the Chief of Staff for Nevada’s largest business organization and a Veterans’ Advocate. Steve possesses a truly rare depth and breadth of experience that includes NORAD, the Pentagon, Combat Director, U.S. Air Combat Command and a Washington D.C. think-tank.
The Colonel, as he is known to friends, had a spectacular 30-year career in the U.S. Air Force. He graduated from the Air Force Academy and finished #1 in Air Force Flight School, affording him the opportunity to log thousands of hours in the world’s most revered air superiority fighter, the vaunted F-15.
In addition to his distinguished flying career, Steve went on to graduate #1 of 800 officers in his class at the prestigious Air Force Leadership School, SOS. He was hand picked to write the strategic plan for Air Defense of North America and was twice rated the #1 Division Chief at the Pentagon. The architect of the U.S. post-hostilities strategy in Iraq, he later commanded 30,000-plus combat sorties over Afghanistan.
Steve’s final assignment was Chief of Staff at the Nellis Air Force Base Warfare Center. While stationed at Nellis, he fell in love with his future wife, Nancy Wong. Upon his retirement from the Air Force, Steve and Nancy elected to make Las Vegas their permanent home and was hired by the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce as its Chief of Staff.
Totally devoted to a life of service, Seroka serves as President of the Disabled Veterans Business Alliance, as Director for the World Affairs Council, as an Advisory Council Member of the USO, as Nevada Advisor of the U. S. Global Leadership Coalition, as a National Security Expert for Operation Free, as Commissioner for the North Las Vegas Veterans Community Commission and as Public Outreach Coordinator for the Nevada Veterans Council. Steve was recently elected to the Las Vegas City Council.

Andrew Carroll Million Letters Campaign

May 8, 2018 - 19:00

May 8, 2018, in the Delaware Room, Anthem Center, from 7:00-8:00 p.m

Andrew Carroll will speak about his latest project, the "Million Letters Campaign", to seek out and preserve at least 1,000,000 war-related letters and correspondences from every conflict in U.S. history.
Do you have a letter from someone special from a war zone? Bring a copy to this event and contribute to this campaign!

Veterans Club 10th Anniversary upcoming on SCA-TV

In 2008 the Sun City Veterans Club was granted their official charter. Since then the club has amassed many significant milestones in-line with their mission statement to support all service members, veterans and their families.
Recently SCA-TV filmed a panel discussion consisting of three past club and presidents plus our current club leader covering the the significant 10 years of your club’s history moderated by Steve McCarthy. To view the this program tune into SCA-TV starting March 26th thru April 1st at 1 PM, there will be a 5 minute trailer to be followed shortly by a 30 minute program with many of the founding members of the Veterans Club

Bill Campbell 2010, 2011 & 2012
Roger Cooper. 2013 & 2014
Art Lindberg. 2016 & 2017
Paul MacDowell 2018

2018 dues are payable

Dear Member,

The 2018 membership dues of $10 are payable now. We still have about 90 members from 2017 that have not Re-up's as of yet. Please consider renewing your membership by paying your dues, drop by the re-up table at one of our meetings or
sending the money in c/o
SCA Veterans Club
2450 Hampton Rd,
Henderson,NV, 89052,

Thank you for your continued support of the SCA Veterans Club

2018 SCAVC Officers

From Left to Right
Paul MacDowell--------President.......Tom Bouchard--------Vice President........Roger Cooper-------Secretary........Patrick Glazier-----Treasurer

Veterans Club Color Guard


 The SCAVC Color Guard was organized in 1999 and marches  at club events throughout the year.



Arnie Malinger USA; George Price USN; Jerry Jones USAF; Sydney Ingram USN; Roger Cooper USA;

Phil Citron USMC; Bill O'Malley USMC



At every membership meeting for the past five years our volunteer SUPPORT AUXILIARY TEAM* arrive early, to prepare the mess for our members and guests attending our meetings, and provide:
  • Various flavors of punch
  • Cookies
  • Ice cold bottled water

Thank you, team, for stepping forward!

2016's Support Auxiliary Team is currently comprised of Toni Jerauld, Debbie Glazier, Peggi Sue Wood .