America under Attack 9/11

September 13, 2017 - 19:00

For September we have assembled a star studded panel to share their memories of September 11, 2001. For perspective, 2996 people lost their lives (more than Pearl Harbor) on this fateful day when Muslim extremists crashed four commercial jets into three locations in NYC, Washington DC and rural Pennsylvania.
Our panel:
Steve McCarthy (host): Was previously posted in the Pentagon as an Army Lieutenant Colonel (RET) losing a number of friends due to the attack.
Frank Bianca: Was a commercial pilot in the air when the attack occurred and a retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel.
DC Collins: Was serving in the Pentagon when the attack occurred as an active duty Colonel in the USAF.
Phil Citron: A native of NYC and former USMC enlisted man lost friends and colleagues the day of the attack.

Plan to join us to commemorate and discuss this ever fateful day.

Veterans Day Program: Featured speaker Harold Nabhan, Korea War Veteran

November 11, 2017 - 11:00

In 1945 Harold Nabhan, a native of Pennsylvania, was selected as a candidate to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point.
These were heady days at the Point with the conclusion WWII victory buoying everybody’s spirit. The football team was led by All Americans’ Doc Blanchard and Glen Davis defeating the archrival Navy four years in a row also making the Corps of Cadets to feel invincible.
In 1950 Harold successfully graduated and was awarded gold bars as a newly minted Signal Corps Second Lieutenant. Shortly thereafter the Korean War broke out. Many of his classmates had no idea where Korea was located.
He was sent by ship to Japan and then the perimeter area of Pusan Korea where the UN forces were driven early in the war. Upon arrival General McArthur made his famous surprise “end run” to Inchon taking Seoul then driving north. Harold’s unit became a part of this famous sweep to the Yalu River routing the North Koreans. Along the way he lost two West Point classmates. The hordes of Chinese Communist entered the war driving the UN forces back down to the Pusan Perimeter.
Shortly thereafter his unit counter attacked driving to the 38th parallel where the war ended in a stalemate. Harold saw plenty of combat and was awarded 7 battle stars along with numerous Korean War decorations. He attained the rank of First Lieutenant, leaving the service after four years of active duty.
Be sure to attend the community’s biggest annual audience of the year to hear Harold Nabhan’s address and honor all that have served.

2017 SCAVC Officers

From Left to Right
Art Lindberg---------President.......Steve McCarthy--------Vice President.........Debbie Glazier-------Secretary........Pauline Molinelli-----Treasurer

Veterans Club Color Guard


 The SCAVC Color Guard was organized in 1999 and marches  at club events throughout the year.



Arnie Malinger USA; George Price USN; Jerry Jones USAF; Sydney Ingram USN; Roger Cooper USA;

Phil Citron USMC; Bill O'Malley USMC



At every membership meeting for the past five years our volunteer SUPPORT AUXILIARY TEAM* arrive early, to prepare the mess for our members and guests attending our meetings, and provide:
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2016's Support Auxiliary Team is currently comprised of Toni Jerauld, Debbie Glazier, Peggi Sue Wood .