Patty Ko Korean War


Our February speaker is Patty Ko. She was a child living in Seoul, she witnessed the end of WWII and the beginning of the Korean War. Living in the war zone and trying to survive day-to-day is very different from fighting the enemies in that war zone.
Patty came to America on a student visa and never left America. She has been in the US for 49 years.
While in school she got a job at the Army & Air Force Exchange in Dallas, Texas. Within a couple years, she was selected to go to management school. Her first management job was a store manager at Fort Jackson, SC. From there, Patty earned numerous promotions. She relocated 13 times during her 31-year career.
Some of the bases she worked included Ft. Stewart, GA; Ft. McPherson, Atlanta, GA; Lakenheath Air Base, England; and Rammstein, Germany. Upon returning to the US, she was assigned to the San Francisco Western division HQ. She was responsible for implementing new programs for BX/PX’s in 9 states.
We are proud to have Patty provide a “child’s perspective” of what it was like living in a war zone.

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