Cancellation of April Meeting due to Corona Virus Protocols

Due to the Corona Virus Emergency and the closing of all non-essential venues and meetings our April meeting is cancelled.  The originally scheduled speaker and program will take place in October.

Thank you for your understanding. 

Col. Fred Rochez


Our May Speaker will be USAF retired Colonel Fred Rochez.

Col Rochez joined the Air Force in 1961 as a Distinguished Graduate from AFROTC at the University of Pittsburgh.   He served a 27-year career and earned commendations including two Legion of Merits and a Bronze Star. He was involved in three wars during his service, including the Cold War, and Vietnam.

He was involved with the Cuban Missile Crisis and activated the second Minuteman Missile system during the crisis.

He served in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968 at Bien Hoa Air Base as a civil engineering Officer and was involved with repairing battle damage during the TET offensive.

During the 1980’s he served as Deputy Commander of the Space Shuttle Activation Task Force at Vandenberg AFB and was responsible for all ground facilities involved in launch and landing of the space shuttle on the west coast.  He finished his career as the Civil Engineering Squadron Commander at Edwards AFB, and his unit received commendations from the Air Force.

Col Rochez, will speak about the Cuban Missle Crisis, the Vietnam TET offensive, and the Space Shuttle activation at Vandenberg AFB.

Please attend our May meeting and hear about Col Rochez’s very interesting career.  

Choraliers Memorial Day Concert


Volunteers to Attend Memorial Day Concerts


Our Color Guard has been asked by the Performing Arts Club Choraliers to open their Memorial Day performances on May 22 and 23.  These special shows will have a patriotic theme and they have invited our Veterans Club members to participate in honoring our service men and women when they perform a medley of the armed forces service songs.

They would like to fill the first three or four rows of the theater with our Veterans and their spouses/significant others. Admission will be free for each Veteran and $12.00 for your plus-one. If you have a uniform you are welcome to wear it, but any appropriate hat/cap with your branch of service is great.

If you would like to attend, please contact Debbie Glazier or Phil Citron as soon as possible, as reserved seating is limited.  Let us know: which performance you would like to attend--Friday, May 22 at  7:00 pm or Saturday May 23, 2pm; who will be attending; Branch of Service; phone number and email address.

Debbie Glazier    702-271-2808

Phil Citron  702-415-4060           

Col Gail Peck (ret) Aggressor Squadron Commander Nellis AFB


Col. (Ret.) Gaillard R. Peck Jr. entered the Air Force Academy, graduating in 1962 as a member of the fourth graduating class, known as the original Red Tags.

Following Pilot Training at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas. He served assignments as a T-33 and T-38 instructor Pilot Subsequently he received assignment to fly F-4’s and after completing training was deployed Ubon AB, in Thailand. Col. Peck flew 163 combat missions in the F-4D in North Vietnam and Laos, including 100-night combat mission. Upon completion of his combat tour he was assigned to MacDill AFB, Florida.

In July 1972 Col. Peck was assigned to the 414th FWS at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., as an air-to-air instructor in the Fighter Weapons School. For a short time after his promotion to major, he served as the Terminally Guided Weapons flight commander. In 1974 he was selected to be the air-to-air flight commander in the F-4 Fighter Weapons School.

Col. Peck then served in the ‘fighter shop” at the Pentagon and while there he initiated a program which he named Constant Peg. This program resulted in the enhancement of an airfield at the Tonopah Test Range and the initiation of jet fighter operations for both the MiG-17 and MiG-21. The purpose of Constant Peg was to train Air Force and Navy fighter pilots to a degree of proficiency never before achieved. He then served as an Air Force Aggressor pilot and 4477th commander.

He subsequently served in many other high-level capacities and was in Saudi Arabia, when the Iran-Iraq war started.  Col. Peck was a key planner and operations expert engaged in the movement of AWACS and KC-135 aircraft to the theater. In May 1982 Col. Peck participated for two months as a planner in the development of the Gulf Cooperation Council's military arm. He served in several more high level assignments before retiring from active duty on July 31, 1988, Col. Peck retired from active duty with more than 26 years of continuous commissioned service. he has more than 5,000 hours flying time in the T-33, T-38, F-4, RF-4, F-5, F-15, MiG-17 and MiG-21 aircraft.

The focus of his talk will be about the Constant Peg program that he initiated and flying in the aggressor squadron he commanded at Nellis AFB.

Frank Bianca Animals in the Military


Our featured speaker for our October meeting is Frank Bianca. Frank is a retired Lt Col who flew F-4’s in the Air Force and the Illinois Air National Guard. His last duty was as the Squadron Commander of the 239th Combat Communication Squadron. He is married to retired Lt. Col Denise Bianca. They are residents of Sun City Anthem and very active in the SCA Pet Club.  Frank has been the Master of Ceremonies for the last four Woodstock events held at the Anthem Center. He and Denise are very active helping local animal charities and rescue networks. Frank has spoken twice before at the Veterans Club, once about Red Flag and again about September 11th from a pilots perspective .  Frank’s subject at this meeting will be about the history of animals in the military and the roles they play in operations currently.  Please plan to come and hear Frank's talk on how our four legged, finned, and winged veterans help serve our country.

Veterans Club Color Guard

The SCAVC Color Guard was organized in 1999 and marches  at club events throughout the year.  

Arnie Malinger USA; George Price USN; Jerry Jones USAF; Sydney Ingram USN;

Phil Citron USMC; Bill O'Malley USMC


At every membership meeting for the past five years our volunteer SUPPORT AUXILIARY TEAM* arrive early, to prepare the mess for our members and guests attending our meetings, and provide:
  • Cookies
  • Ice cold bottled water

Thank you, team, for stepping forward!

2020's Support Auxiliary Team is currently comprised of Toni Jerauld, Gloria Oliver and JoAnn Simmons