Blue Star Christmas Stockings


January 2012 Blue Star Christmas Stockings Chere’ Pedersen—Blue Star Mothers—sends a great big Christmas THANK YOU to all of us. Over 44 women and men from Southern Hills Republican Women, SCA Veterans Club, and SCA Sewing Club pitched in to provide items and to fill boxes. 748 flat rate boxes plus 5 large boxes for Nellis rescue helicopter pilots were sent, plus 22 boxes for the children at Nellis who have a parent deployed over Christmas, costing roughly $10,740 spent on postage alone. The Nellis rescue helicopter pilots have already received boxes. Chere received a letter from the commander of these pilots, reminding us of just how much this small jester means to our military men and women. The letter is from Carlos J. Brown, Commander, 64ERQS whose motto is “These things we do, that others may live” They are based out of the 66th Rescue Squadron at Nellis AFB and are in Kuwait. Commander Brown explained that they were a Rescue Force. For example they might rescue a fighter pilot who finds himself in harm’s way hundreds of miles behind enemy lines or fighting their way into a hot landing zone to enable their Guardian Angel pararescuemen the ability to provide lifesaving care to a wounded Soldier or Marine. He spoke of what an honor and privilege it was to be able to lead and work side by side with such a remarkable group of American Patriots. Commander Brown said the following: “People like the Blue Star Mothers are what make America great and more importantly our honor to serve. In my opinion time has desentized some of the American public to the sacrifices your Armed Forces make being deployed, missing holidays, birthdays, graduations, and countless other important life events all while serving our country and often in harm’s way. One of the keys to our success when abroad is the unconditional support of organizations like Blue Stars that express that American brand of Patriotism, which is paramount in helping us maintain our focus and return home safely. President Obama made a statement a few weeks back that we’re drawing down in Iraq and American service men and women would be home for the holiday’s. Unfortunately his speech writer forgot to add a little disclaimer….’ Except for rescue forces.’ Please share our Thanks throughout your organizations as we share the special treats you all sent to our brothers and sisters in arms deployed with us during this Holiday Season. Happy Holidays.” Carlos J. Brown, Commander, 64ERQS